Let me introduce you to my baby

May 2nd of 2017. I was waking to work after parking my car when I saw a cute little street dog. He was scared of the people around him, but he looked at me and decided to stand up, walk to me, and sit by my feet. I can’t ever resist it, whenever I see puppy eyes I have to say hello, so of course I started petting him and then wished him a good day. What I didn’t realize is that that baby had already decided he’d be adopting ME.

He started following me to work, when I stopped to cross the street he stopped next to me, and when I started walking he walked with me too. At least until we arrived to my office building and I decided to tell him “if you’re still here when I come out I’ll take you home”. Well……

His name is Barret. He is #BarretTheMutt