Let me introduce you to my baby

May 2nd of 2017. I was waking to work after parking my car when I saw a cute little street dog. He was scared of the people around him, but he looked at me and decided to stand up, walk to me, and sit by my feet. I can’t ever resist it, whenever I see puppy eyes I have to say hello, so of course I started petting him and then wished him a good day. What I didn’t realize is that that baby had already decided he’d be adopting ME.

He started following me to work, when I stopped to cross the street he stopped next to me, and when I started walking he walked with me too. At least until we arrived to my office building and I decided to tell him “if you’re still here when I come out I’ll take you home”. Well……

His name is Barret. He is #BarretTheMutt


What Mosh does when there’s visits home.

My friend Jess came visit today and it couldn’t have been more fun for Mosh. He threw her to the ground but they were laughing, so no one hurt… just full of dog hair and drool…

Visits are the best moment for Mosh. He jumps and jumps at first, but then he gets on the ground and everyone can pet him. He loves people around him and he’s so kind!